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Disney’s ANNIE is a winner!

Even though I’m a fan of the musical theatre, I’m embarrassed when I admit I’m a fan of Annie. Years ago I played President Roosevelt in a local production, so I have a certain fondness for the score. The new Disney version which premiered tonight was a vast improvement over the lackluster 1982 bigscreen version. Sure, cut to 90 minutes it felt like the Cliff Notes of the show, but most of the great songs were included. While I missed the 70’s orchestrations of the original production, this version had a wonderfully lush, full sound. And can Audra McDonald do no wrong? The part of Warbuck’s secretary has never been sung so well! Sure, there were some slow spots – but all in all the show was a joy!

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thats good you are a winner im one of you fan i love your songs. and how you sing im listening to your song maybe its so beautiful my dad said if i can sing like you i could be famous im 8 years old i want to be famous too. what does it fill like to be fammous? im mexican and im a girl im not spanish im half other things ok annie bye girl im your fan your maybe………..happy your famous make me famous ok bye anni my favourite fan bye

dalyna | 23 Sep 2003


KATHY PILCZUK | 3 Nov 2003