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Hit or Miss

Uppercase letters return to matthewkingston.com When I redesigned my site this summer, I decided that I would use the capabilities of cascading style sheets to change all the letters on my pages to lowercase (they were still being typed with correct capitalization though).  I had been using all lowercase letter for my navigational elements and menus for a while, but after reading Jack’s thoughts on lowercase (from saturn.org), I decided to take the aesthetic plunge as well.  2 months have convinced me to change it back.  I’ve had trouble reading my weblog entries in all lowercase, so I imagine my readers must as well.  I’m glad that I did enter everything with correct capitalization – I just had to turn off the “text-transform: lowercase” directive and then everything was back to normal.

Speaking of Jack, he emailed me to let me know my weblog font size was too small for Macs – I think it’s fixed now.